The Smog Diaries

A major aggravation I have recently discovered is my hatred for pollution. In my home, we have always recycled. Granted, I hate Wednesday mornings, when we have forgotten to put out our recycling bins and at 8am we realise that the bin-men are coming down the street. My Mum comes in yelling “We forgot the recycling! Quickly! Or we are stuck for two weeks!”. Then, we rush out in our pj’s and dressing gowns with the heavy bins, quickly trying to sort through our plastic and cardboard to make it slightly easier for them to dispose. We always have a lot of recycling and often give our scraps to either the dogs or chickens. I believe our household is really good at contributing to being green.

However, in China, recycling in households doesn’t happen. We have one bin, which takes everything. In the street, you often having “Recycling” and “Non-recycling”, but I see that the bins generally look the same with mixed rubbish. One initiative that I have noticed is that in the subway, you can recycle your plastic bottles and get money for your subway card. Brilliant idea!

My main problem with pollution in China is the air. As I explained in culture shock, I suffered rather badly from lung infections, as a result of the pollution and not looking after myself properly. Yes, I hold my hands up and say that it is my fault for not wearing a mask. On the other hand, I wonder how can a country get to this point, and is it continuing to let this happen without any real means to either reduce the air pollution, and how is it helping the citizens of its country?

I decided I want to create a personal project to investigate and report on the pollution of China. Talking about the history of air pollution, not just in China, but in other countries (let’s not forget the Great Smog of London), political events on worldwide climate change (I have a particular issue with Trump’s comments on climate change) and share real images of the pollution.

I didn’t realise how bad the pollution was in China when I decided to come here. I did know about it, but I didn’t know of the severity of the situation.

I really hope you enjoy my upcoming posts on this topic, just as much as I enjoy reporting it.