About Me

I’m Hayley, a business student from the UK, currently living in Beijing on a year abroad! As well as studying Chinese Economics and Trade, I’m travelling around China when I can (and if I can!), exploring in my quiet time away from class.

I come from a little village in the South-West of England, so coming to a massive city on the other side of the world where the population barely speaks English was pretty difficult. However, I adjusted after several weeks and now I can’t imagine spending my life in the UK. I’ve fallen in love with China. Hard.

(However, I seriously miss my pets. I’m seeing if I can sneak the cat over if I come back after this year!)

Why noodles for breakfast? One of my UK based friends was bemoaning an early start in university on FB and my comeback was “I eat noodles for breakfast”. Since then it’s been banded about the family as a source of amusement, especially given that my last meal at the airport before flying out to China was noodles at Wagamama! I would consider giving up one of my Kylie lip kits for a roast dinner, two if it was cooked by Mum. So that’s how the blog name came about.

Since coming here, I’m increasingly fascinated with travel, culture, architecture, but most importantly, FOOD! I’m usually quite fussy, but since arriving here, I will eat anything. It’s been fantastic so far, and I plan on sharing all my experiences on this blog.

Hopefully, my little corner of the internet might be interesting.

Thanks for visiting,