Biking in Beijing

Beijing has a crazy amount of traffic, with regular hold ups and traffic jams. During rush hour, both the roads and the subway are full of people. In the last six months, the gap in the market for more convenient travel has been largely addressed.

OFO Bicycle and Mobike are the two main companies who are competing in the market of Bike sharing in Beijing and Shanghai. Mobike has stated they wanted to fix the “last-kilometer” issue, where it is too far to walk, but too close to justify taking a bus, subway or taxi.With thousands of bicycles in the city, this convenient form of transport has assisted in the daily lives of millions of people.

But how is this better than the Boris bikes in London?

The bicycle rentals are controlled using a smartphone. Whether it is through WeChat, or the direct app of the company, a person can scan the QR code on the bicycle and enter the bike’s personal number for hired use.

Also, they can be left anywhere on the street, which is easier when you’re in a rush. The other bike rental companies in cities like London or Paris, bike’s need to be left in a docking station, which can be a problem if there is one not near where you need to go to or be.

As Katie Melua said: “There are nine million bicycles in Beijing”. Now,it may not be as many as that, but with over 20,000 bicycles in Beijing just from Mobike, it definitely feels like it!

I took my camera with its tripod and wrapped it around the basket of my rented Mobike. I filmed riding from a cafe back to university with my friend Christine. Click on the link below, to go to my brand new Youtube account, and make sure to like and subscribe:


And make sure you follow my blog! May have not uploaded for a while, but I have some awesome posts due!


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