Trojan Space Capsule Apartment

As my trip to Nanjing was incredibly last minute and very short, I needed to find somewhere cheap and close to where I wanted to be. After seeing that nearly all the hostels were booked (using the Hostelworld mobile app), I checked for hotels, praying they weren’t too expensive.

I wanted something very close to the Confucius Temple, because that is where the Lantern Festival takes place. Knowing I would be walking a lot, I didn’t want to spend a fortune on a taxi or have to walk absolute miles! After viewing a few hotels online, I noticed the Space Capsules. I had heard about these and read about them online. I was so intrigued, they were bright white, small pods that you slept in. Perfect for a small weekend trip!

For two nights, I paid 118元 (£10). Absolute bargain and much cheaper than the hostels! When I arrived, I was a bit shocked. The capsule apartments are in an office building. You go to the top floor and walk down a corridor that looks like something out of a horror movie. Slightly damp smell and flickering fluorescent lights, exactly what you want at 11:30 on a Friday.

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They don’t speak English there, but I know enough to get by with a few practiced Chinese phrases. I walked into the little room, where there was about ten capsules. I got a bottom capsule, which wasn’t as bad as you would think! You’re provided with a thick duvet and thin pillow. There is a control panel with different settings. The capsule bright white with three light settings:

  • Reading light
  • Space white
  • Space blue

An air outlet which controlled the air con. This was a nightmare because the Chinese leave the window open all day, which meant the room was FREEZING when I came back! There wasn’t any heating, so I had to layer up and cocoon in my duvet. Plus, outlets and USB points so I could use my laptop and charge my phone separately (godsend), and a headphone jack that I have no idea what is used for. A really swanky mirror with a white light which is fabulous for doing your face, hair and make up. Even taking a cheeky selfie!


The only downside was the facilities. The shower was with the toilet, so you had to stand either side of a squatting toilet whilst washing. Not my cup of tea sorry! It was so gross I couldn’t take a picture, I was going to the McDonald’s down the road to use the loo.
All in all, if I were to rate it, I would give this a 3.5/5. Brilliant experience, I loved the pod, just a tad cold and the toilets were gross.

To book, find Trojan Space Capsule Apartment here


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  1. This was one of the top results when I googled Trojan space capsule apartments! Great review Hayley, visiting Nanjing tomorrow and I just booked a pod as it was all really last minute. Enjoy the rest of your time in China while you can!


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