Muslim Food Street

My favorite thing in China is street food. You get so much variety and new flavours, whilst being able to eat so much!

I first read about the history of the Muslim Quarter. Xi’an was the starting point of the Silk Road, an international trading route between China and the West. Dating back to the 1st century BC, many merchants would settle in the area, mainly from Arabic countries. As they settled, they began selling their food to locals.

What’s great about the location is that it is directly next to the Drum Tower, so after visiting the site, you can get dinner down the road (literally!)

There was so much choice in food. From eating meat on sticks, potatoes, squid, peppers, tofu, bread and fruit.

Anyway, I could keep talking about getting food and get very hungry whilst reading this, but I thought I’d make my lovely readers hungry by looking at the pictures of the fabulous food!

*Disclaimer: one image is of an animal carcass on the street. Apologies to anyone who finds the image uncomfortable or upsetting, but I want to post this picture as there were many down the street and I wanted to show that the meat it actually prepared on the street as well.



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