iPhone Photography

I love to take photos, but I’m not a professional photographer. I’ve never taken a class, I’ve never been coached, I just like to capture some great sights and items.

I regularly max out the storage on my iPhone but I’m either taking photos, time lapsing videos, or saving my snapchats, believe me, there’s a lot on my camera!

I’m not fortunate to own a fantastic Nikon, Canon or any other fancy brand or DSLR. I wish I did, I love to have a little go on my friends cameras when I can.

So, I’ve learnt how to maximise the use of my iPhone 6 camera, editing my photos with particular apps and a few accessories that I love to use.

1. Fish Eye Lenses from Amazon

I bought these last year during my first year of university. I love these because they make funny perspectives of a normal picture. I have two sizes.
2. Wide Eye Lense from DOMESKY

During my trip to Hangzhou, one of my fellow travellers told me about this camera lense they had seen that makes your pictures bigger. Fairly similar to my fish eye lenses, except the image is much straighter.

I love this lense for taking pictures of buildings, as I don’t have to run around, bend and crouch for the perfect angle as much, and usually, I look mad!

Nice and cheap, I got mine for 19元 (about £2!)

3. Selfie Stick from MINI SO.

In China, you need a selfie stick. It’s pretty much compulsory. Nearly everyone has one.

I got mine for 10元 (about £1.1) which was great. I had one from England but it was so bad. Make sure yours has a handle button to take the pictures, rather than a remote or not even one at all (having to set a timer, which is a total pain!)

4. Bendable Tripod from MINI SO.

I love MINI SO. They have everything. I got this tripod for 10元 which was so useful when I was solo travelling. I like to take those “look off into the distance, be extra thoughtful for Instagram” photos, guilty as charged!

This one is so great because if I’m in a water pavilion, I can set it up on the side to get the best angle, set the timer and take a position.

However, you can also buy remotes to take the pictures rather than setting the timer. Whatever floats your boat!

5. VSCOcam

I am totally in love with this app. It’s my favorite app to edit pictures on. It has loads of different filters and you can individually edit the using the brightness, contrast etc.

You have to import the selected images you want to edit, which is great because if you’re like me and take hundreds of pictures, it doesn’t clog up the app with lots of unwanted images.

Plus, when you create the account, you can create a journal and make albums and galleries of different images.

I think the whole application is sleek and easy. I just love it.

6. Instagram

Instagram is life.
Similar situation to VSCOcam but much more mainstream and used worldwide (except China, unless with a VPN. It’s blocked, really annoying!).

For those who have never used Instagram, you upload you images with the option to edit them in that all of you wish (I personally edit in VSCOcam and export them to Instagram).

7. Power banks

So, I’m always out and about for hours. This isn’t directly linked to photography, but definitely to iPhone. Power banks are a must (especially with how unreliable iPhone’s can be, I need to get my battery replaced as it does after 2/3 hours!).

I hate going somewhere stunning and your phone dies in the middle of taking a picture. It happened to my at Leifeng Lagoda, West Lake, Hangzhou, and I nearly cried because I forgot to charge my power banks.

Like I said above, I’m not a professional, or in anyway trained photographer, I just like taking pictures.

Hope you liked my post, if you want to make your iPhone pictures amazing, I really recommend them. iPhone has a pretty good camera, I just like these products to enhance them. I have a long way to go before I can say I take great photos.

And if you have any tips of better pictures, comment below or send me a link!


Photo credit: Urban Peek


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