7 Weird Things People in China Do

This post is going to be a bit strange. Coming from Britain, we have certain society standards that we live by. What we view as normal and what we view as gross, well, the Chinese seem to think this is normal. I know that not every person in China does this, but I have seen it happen… A LOT!

Here’s 7 things the Chinese do, that I think is so strange!

1. Spitting and Hocking

The Chinese, particularly the older generation of males, spit all the time! In the streets, on the road, in the subway, it’s gross! And I don’t mean a small, quiet, I only notice because I’m foreign, spit. I mean a proper hock it out like you’ve got a piece of chicken stuck in your throat. I’m sorry, it’s just vile.

2. Staring

This was a really big hate of mine at first, as I don’t like people staring at me. Even living in Beijing, the people seem to act like they have never seen a foreigner before! There’s usually some pointing, whispering and giggling associated. The worst time was when I was at dinner with some friends, and a guy sat outside the window for nearly an hour just staring and waving at us! I found it so uncomfortable! Now, I’ve gotten a little bit more used to it.

One of the more memorable times was when I went to Tianjin. I asked my friend to take a photo of me beside the riverbank, and suddenly a few Chinese men took their phones and started taking pictures of me! I couldn’t say no (meiyou!!!!) fast enough! Also, on the train home, a guy was staring at me the entire time and trying to take pictures. I held a magazine up to my face and said to my friend “Now I know how the Kardashians feel” as it was annoying!

When I went to Mount Tai, I was the only foreigner I saw for the entire day, and so many people were staring, but they also asked for pictures which was funny. You get used to it after a while, but it is really uncomfortable at times.

3. Children’s Clothing

A lot of friends at home have asked me why some kids clothes are open on the trousers, after seeing a viral picture of a mother holding her child over a bin and, well, letting it do its business.

That’s the reason right there. It’s so that parents can just let their kids do what they need to do anywhere.

So, word of warning, if you ever visit China, try to avoid puddles.

4. Food

Chinese food isn’t exactly the same as the menu as you’d find down the road at the Won Palace takeaway. I did know this, but I didn’t believe that some places would serve “Sheep Penis” or “Monkey Brains”. However, I did eat Lamb Cheeks with cumin spice on my first day here, that was pretty good.

5. Half-way Shirt

So the one thing we couldn’t get over was so many older Chinese men wearing their shirt rolled up halfway, exposing their stomach. In western countries, it’s just something that you don’t do. However, here, I assume it’s just when it’s so hot and they need to cool down. You gotta do what you gotta do.

6. Long Fingernails

You see this a lot in the cities. Either men don’t trim any of their fingernails, or just have one very long one. This is a sign that they don’t do a job involving manual labor or working in fields.

7. Umbrella’s When It’s Sunny

I did some research on this one, and I realised this is the reason why I also get some attention. In western countries, if you’re a bronzed beauty, you look like this exotic being that is well travelled and loves the sun. However, in China, they believe the paler you are, the more beautiful. This also again refers to whether you work in fields, as you would be exposed to the sun and have a much more tanned face.

Hope you enjoyed reading my post about some of the weird and wonderful things that Chinese people do. I’ll update if I find anything else!


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  1. Bonsai says:

    Number 1 is also the case in Japan. I became so irritated by walking up to that sound as the business made their way to the train station in the morning. Gross.


    1. Hayley Nicholson says:

      It’s the hocking sound that I hate the most! Sends shivers down my spine!

      Liked by 1 person

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